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Dog > Cushings Disease


Help for Cushing's Disease in Dogs

Symptoms can include any of the following:

  • Excessive drinking 
  • Excessive urinating
  • Excessive eating
  • Has developed a potbelly
  • Losing hair on back or sides
  • Lethargy
  • Weak immune system
  • Excessive panting

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Cushing's Disease in dogs is the common name for the disease Hyperadrenocorticism. Typically in Cushing's disease a dog's adrenal glands are creating too much cortisol. When a dog has Cushing's disease, the excess cortisol created by the adrenal glands causes a variety of negative changes to occur. The skin thins and weakens typically causing hair loss, the immune system is compromised, and there can be difficulty regulating blood sugar levels.

The most common symptoms of Cushing's Disease in dogs are: excessive drinking, excessive urinating, excessive eating. Other symptoms associated with Cushing's Disease in dogs include: hair loss, excessive panting, muscle weakness, potbelly (typically caused by enlarged liver and weakened abdominal muscles coupled with additional stomach fat).

See the Canine Cushing's Kit here

Dogs that suffer from Cushing's disease may also have diabetes and often get urinary tract infections. These conditions should also be supported in conjunction with the Cushing's Disease in dogs.

We recommend our Diabetes Solution for all natural support for regulating blood sugar levels and Uro Solution for urinary tract infections.

There are three typical causes for Cushing's Disease in dogs. Eighty five percent (85%) of all cases are caused by a benign tumor on the pituitary gland. Ten percent (10%) of all cases are caused by a tumor on one of the adrenal glands. Half of these tumors on the adrenal glad are cancerous. If the tumor on the adrenal gland is cancerous we recommend our
Cell Gen Solution and Cell Solution products in addition to our Cushing's Kit for Dogs. The remaining 5% of Cushing's Disease in dogs is caused by prolonged use of steroid medication.

See the Canine Cushing's Kit here

Many people do not like the standard drug treatments for Cushing's disease and are looking for an all natural alternative. Healthy Pet Solutions has developed an all natural Cushing's Kit for Dogs. The Cushing's Kit for Dogs is comprised of two of our supplement products (Daily Healthy Booster, and Immune Restore Solution). These two supplements work to help rebalance the body and help eliminate symptoms. This regiment is recommended regardless of the cause of the Cushing's Disease.

In many cases the Cushing's Kit for Dogs will effectively rebalance the body. If improvements are not seen in the first couple of months and the Cushing's Disease is caused by a tumor then we recommend our Cell Solution for Dogs product in addition to the Cushing's Kit for Dogs. In all cases where the tumor is cancerous we recommend both Cell Solution and Cell Gen Solution for Dogs in addition the Cushing's Kit for Dogs to balance the body.

See the Canine Cushing's Kit here




Cushings for Dogs Support

I love your products! I have a Labrador who's health when downhill when I discovered she has cushing. She lost all her hair was very sick and wasn't eating well either. After giving her the "Immune Restore along with "Daily health booster" I found remarkable improvements. She also got a prescription from the vet which included Trilostane. 

The combination of all these brought her back to perfect Health!

I'm so amazed. She grew back all her hair and it's all new puppy hair. She doesn't even shed anymore. She  has energy of a puppy and frolics down the street with a prance in her step. She's 12 now and no one would know except the Grey on her cute face. 

I want to thank Erik who has taken a special interest in Sadie's health and has spent much time on the phone with me with regards to their products as well as products for myself. 

I would totally endorse these products and love the fact that they are pure products safe and with all nature ingredients. Even if your pet is not sick, you can be sure that "The pet solution" products may even prevent your pet from getting ill and keep your pets health for a long and wonderful life. My pets deserve the best, don't yours? 

Thanks again to Erik and that rest of the staff for explaining the best solutions for Sadie and her brother Shylo. 

Susan Ziff



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The length of time that your canine may need to take the Cushing's Kit for Dogs and other supporting supplements is typically 18 months at full dosage and they are able to forego the herbs there after or only require a maintenance dosage.


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